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As vibrant talismans endowed with aesthetic identity, jewelry has a double capacity  to maintain value both in the form of its materials – and also in the form attributed to them. They are sacred objects imbued with intention, feeling and connection on the part of the creator, the commissioner and the user.

I create exclusively to reflect something precious, tangible and completely yours.
From ceremony to celebration - let's work together to create a lasting expression of art and history. 


Elements to consider when dreaming of your Custom or Bespoke piece include:

I offer sterling silver and14 or 18 karat yellow, white and rose gold options.

A selection of gemstones selected from my personal collection are available for you to choose from to adorn your piece or I can consult with our gemstone suppliers to source the stone of your dreams. 


If you are having a ring made, it is preferable to know the recipient's size. If your custom or bespoke ring is not the right size, your first resizing will be free - but due to the detailed and distinctive texture features, many of my designs cannot be resized perfectly. It's always better not to need resizing.

Pohl Atelier custom, bespoke jewelry is made to reflect my design aesthetic and identity. You are encouraged to draw inspiration from my existing work, as well as the designs in the Past Work Gallery, in order to help define the aspects you want to bring to life in your piece.


Custom pieces have no minimum spend.


Clients should allow a 6 week lead time for custom and bespoke projects. Not all projects will take this long, but many do. If you need a piece faster than that, consider ordering one of the many designs available in the online store with shorter production times.



After submitting your booking request, you may be invited to complete a short questionnaire to define the details of your bespoke project idea. You will be invited to submit design references and describe your preferences in the elements listed above for POHL to evaluate.

Most inquiries are made via email in response to your questionnaire.

Initial 30 consultations minutes can also be scheduled via Zoom or in person at a location close to the studio, by private appointment.


As your jeweler, I am pleased to facilitate a personalized experience to achieve your ideal result. During the concept phase we will discuss in detail your options for choosing metals, gemstones and what is possible for the design of your piece.

Once details of your dream design are confirmed, I will provide sketches or photos of a wax model to illustrate the intended outcome for your approval.



A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure materials and begin your project. Once received, I can begin creating or refining your wax model according to your agreed design terms.given away.

You will receive photos or a video of the wax model before casting for approval. Only minor changes can be requested at this time.

After your design is cast, it is carefully finished by hand in my studio. When completed, the piece is ready for shipping or can be picked up by private arrangement.

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It's a pleasure and a privilege to create for you, and I put all my heart and soul into every project. 

To achieve your vision, every care and precaution is taken. MAKE YOUR PERSONALIZED CONSULTATION NOW

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